Friends Of Mounted Patrol was a small board without paid staff that worked to support Portland’s Mounted Patrol. Their work consisted of quarterly meetings to distribute the proceeds from their endowment for things like veterinary bills, training, or special needs for the horses. 

ProspectPDX was contacted in March 2013. The Mayor was announcing later that day that the MPU was to be cut from his budget. This program, with an almost 122-year tradition, was going to end. By the time the story broke that afternoon, ProspectPDX had created a Save Portland’s Mounted Patrol Facebook page, that was mentioned in every news story and was immediately flush with support.

ProspectPDX nurtured the organization and helped mobilize key volunteers that built a powerful online community. This forced the city to restore the program and created momentum for several new and active board members, two new annual events and a list of sponsors that have committed hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.  


Under the guidance of ProspectPDX, Friends of the Mounted Patrol has been engaged in the following successes:

  • Facebook page now 22,000+
  • Television ad during the Olympics
  • Inclusion in the 2014-2015 City Budget with supporters turning out to hearings and writing letters.
  • Second Annual Pony Up Fundraiser
  • An additional $100,000 raised
  • Over 3,000 T-shirts sold