To “prospect” is to dream about what lies ahead. It’s hope. It’s anticipation. It’s imagining the possibilities. Our filmmakers, designers, and animators capture the spirit of prospecting.

We can help you soar into the future.


Inspire. Captivate. Innovate. Dream. Our design is your brand aspirations, fulfilled. We do digital, print, or web.

Film and Animation

Effective, engaging, storytelling takes your brand to the next level. It’s a good thing we’re experts.


Worth 1000 words? Maybe. But what beautiful words they’d be if they looked like this.


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Robert Ball Companies

Digital, Photography, Website


Branding, Stop-Motion, Design, Digital Advertising

Oregon HUB

Branding, Digital presence, Video, and Photography

Dave's Killer Bread

Animation, Audio Design, Illustration

Fix Our Streets Portland

Branding, Marketing, Full Campaign Management

Hollywood's Original Shirley Temple Soda Pop

Branding, Design, Marketing

The Parker

Photography, Video, Promotional Materials, Events

Ledding Library

Branding, Strategic Communications

Aaron S. Dye

Branding, Photography, Video, Website