The philosopher Sun Tzu once said, “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” Your strategic and digital communications should be about your goals, and include a road map to get there.

That’s exactly what we do.

Strategic Consulting & Communications

We’re known for being smart, budget savvy, and driven. Our skilled team brings a keen and strategic understanding to the intersection of business, organizations, and media.

Digital Strategy & Management

Whether it’s creating brand identities, designing gorgeous websites, building vibrant online communities, or deploying compelling content across the web, Prospect’s expert team takes your targeted messaging campaigns to the next level. We’re on the leading edge of analytics and analysis that can reach and engage your audience – and even launch movements.

Public Relations

Media Relations + Crisis Management

We’ve learned through experience the importance of how a high profile speech, a creative event, an editorial board meeting, or strategic media placement can shape – or disrupt – a narrative.

Executive Coaching

It doesn’t matter if you’re running a nonprofit, a small business, or a big corporation, the ways you communicate with the outside world can have a deep impact. We’ll teach you the best practices for working with media, coach you on giving a great speech, and help you make the most of your social media footprint.

Organizational Support Services

Organizations can sometimes have unique challenges. Prospect understands that coalition building, strategic communications, and digital needs can vary widely. And sometimes it just comes down to wanting help with in-person organizing. We do it all.  We help organizations grow their identity and build loyalty.  With us, you get an entire team ready to help build your stronger future.

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Ledding Library

Branding, Strategic Communications

The Parker

Photography, Video, Promotional Materials, Events

Aaron S. Dye

Branding, Photography, Video, Website


Branding, Stop-Motion, Design, Digital Advertising

Oregon HUB

Branding, Digital presence, Video, and Photography

Fix Our Streets Portland

Branding, Marketing, Full Campaign Management